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FY19 Projected Academic Institution Vacancies for PMS Board The following academic institutions are projected to become available in Summer 2019 and will be. I’m going to go ask my cadre when I get back to school but just looking for any additional advice/resources before I go ask. Also important I have braces on. I cleared my dodmerb before I got them on and my ROTC program is aware and I’ve filled out the proper forms but realize the national guard probably has different standards.

11/11/38 · The purpose of this MARADMIN is to publish a list of Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps NROTC Professor of Naval Science PNS, Executive Officer, and Marine Officer Instructor MOI billet. Boards listed herein are conducted in FY-18 01 OCT 17 to 30 SEP 18 and are for promotions that will take place throughout FY-19 01 OCT 18 to 30 SEP 19. 04/08/40 · Accomplish the Army's FY19 accession mission and bring the Accessions Enterprise into the 21st Century. Initial Entry Training. Improve the quality, rigor, and resourcing of initial entry training for all enlisted and officers. Mission Command. Reinvigorate our philosophy and system of mission command in our Army Leaders. Air Force ROTC require High School Scholarship applicants to complete a Physical Fitness Assessment PFA and record the results using this certification form. The PFA consists of three events: one-minute push-ups, one-minute sit-ups, and a 1.5 mile run. There is a. FY19 Lifecycle Equipment Replacement. The contracts for the FY19 classroom equipment lifecycle has been awarded to CDW-G. The equipment on these contracts will be delivered in two groups by the vendor. Shipments under this contract are required to be completed NLT 30 April 2020. 2020 U.S. ARMY JUNIOR ROTC.

FY19 boards normally fill FY20 OTS dates. I mentioned September 2019 because that would be around when the first FY20 class would be. Since you ate DEROS constrained they may even try to fit you into FY19 class, it is something they look at on a case by case basis. GENTEXT/REMARKS/1. The FY19 NROTC panel recently convened to select Marine Officers for assignment to NROTC staff billets during 2019. The five-member panel considered the records of.

FY19 Authorizations – AUGUST 26 YEAR-END CUTOFF-- Authorizations for travel to be performed before September 30, 2019, should be approved by August 26, 2019, in ConcurGov. Note: This date is a target date to assist agencies with budgeting. If you have an immediate travel need after August 26, 2019, please contact your approving official. 06.28.18 FY2019 Defense Appropriations Bill Gains Senate Committee Approval. WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Senate Committee on Appropriations today advanced its FY2019 Department of Defense Appropriations Act, which makes essential investments in our military and supports programs necessary to protect U.S. national security interests. The FY2019 defense funding bill, which was approved by a.

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