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广东联通LTE-EPC交流. Page 7 EPC逻辑网元功能 EPC: Evolved Packed Core,又叫SAESystem Architecture Evolution EPC是3GPP R8定义的向未来演进的统一的网络结构,它支持LTELong. 4G LTE EPC Evolved Packet Core is a framework for providing converged voice and data on a 4G Long-Term Evolution LTE network. 2G and 3G network architectures process and switch voice and data through two separate sub-domains: circuit-switched CS for voice and packet-switched PS for data.EPC is a whole new core network with a flat, all-IP based architecture. Un ou plusieurs PGW servent de passerelles vers le réseau Internet; le PGW a aussi pour rôle d’attribuer les adresses IP aux terminaux LTE. L'EPC permet aussi, via d'autres passerelles, l'accès des terminaux au cœur de réseau LTE, en utilisant d'autres types d'accès radio: des points d'accès Wi-Fi ou des femtocells généralement. 区分LTE,EPS,EPC和SAE. LTE:Long Term Evolution长期演进,是无线接口部分向4G演进的工作项目。 3GPP:The 3Rd Generation Partnership Project,第三代合作伙伴计划3GPP 的目标是实现由2G网络到3G网络的平滑过渡,保证未来技术的后向兼容性,支持轻松建网及系统间的漫游和兼容性。. As Evolved Packet Core EPC played a key role in 4G LTE, 5GC is the new 5G core network 5GC defined by 3GPP. Unlike previous generations, 5G deployment can use either the existing EPC.

The LTE architecture enables service providers to reduce the cost of owning and operating the network by allowing the service providers to have separate CN MME, SGW, PDN GW while the E-UTRAN eNBs is jointly shared by them. This is enabled by the S1-flex mechanism by enabling each eNB to be connected to multiple CN entities. LTE(Long Term Evolution)主要研究3GPP无线接入网的长期演进技术,升级版的LTE Advanced将最终满足国际电信联盟对4G系统的要求,SAE(System Architecture Evolution)则是研究核心网的长期演进,它定义了一个全IP的分组核心网EPC(Evolved Packet Core),该系统的特点为仅有分组. Evolved Packet Core EPC is a framework for providing converged voice and data on a 4G Long-Term Evolution network. 2G and 3G network architectures process and switch voice and data through two separate sub-domains: circuit-switched for voice and packet-switched for data.Evolved Packet Core unifies voice and data on an Internet Protocol service architecture and voice is treated as just. The EPC represents the Core of an LTE network. It is formed by multiple nodes, the main ones being MME, SGW, PGW and HSS. This nodes offer multiple functionality like mobility management, authentication, session management, setting up bearers and application of different Quality of Services. LTE/SAE统称为EPS(Evolved Package System),即演进的分组系统。 演进系统的核心网被称为EPC(Evolved PackageCore)。 实际上狭义上来说,SAE和EPC概念差不多 LTE是英文Long TermEvolution的缩写。LTE也被通俗的称为3.9G,具有100Mbps的数据下载能力,被视作从3G向4G演进.

New control plane in 3GPP LTE/EPC architecture for on-demand connectivity service Abstract: The on-demand connectivity service is one of the main requirements of the cellular data network. It consists in moving sessions transparently and temporarily from one network equipment to another without causing user session interruption. This service. epc的子项目包括: 移动性管理组件(mme):mme是lte接入网络的关键控制节点。它负责空闲模式ue(用户设备)跟踪和寻呼控制。这些内容也包括ue的注册与注销过程,同时帮助ue选择不同s-gw,以完成lte系统内核网络cn)节点切换。. epcには、lteに加え、gsmやw-cdma、cdma2000、wimax、wi-fiなど、さまざまな無線システムのアクセス網を収容できる。さらに、端末がこれらの無線システム間で切り替えを行いながら通信を継続できるハンドオーバーも可能となっている。.

LTE/EPC architecture by introducing the OF protocol. III. OF-BASED LTE/EPC ARCHITECTURE A. Architecture Description To enable the on-demand connectivity service, we propose a new control plane for the LTE/EPC architecture. In our proposal, we replace the control protocols that run on the S1-MME between MME and eNB and the S11 between MME. LTE tiene también algunos desafíos que alcanzar: Voz sobre LTE: una de las ventajas que LTE promociona es la Evolución del Core de Paquetes EPC, que es una auténtica red "All-IP" y por lo tanto debe llevar a todos los tipos de tráfico: voz, vídeo y datos. Pero la mayoría de los trabajos de normalización se ha centrado en los aspectos. Enabling Network Programmability in LTE/EPC Architecture Using OpenFlow Malla Reddy Sama, Siwar Ben Hadj Said, Karine Guillouard and Lucian Suciu. 23/03/40 · 'Long Term Evolution', LTE network contains below nodes. In LTE network, the control plan messages from the eNodeB must first pass by the MME, then it goes to the SGW and the PGW. Learn 4G LTE Evolved Packet Core EPC for Beginners. Tags. 07/03/37 · As smart phone has rapidly proliferated over the past few years, LTE operators endeavor to cope with large mobile data traffic volumes. To solve such problems, we propose a new SDN-based distributed mobility management supporting distributed P-GWs and centralized control plane in LTE/EPC.

04/05/38 · 5G Network Architecture and Design 1. 5G Network Architecture and Design Andy Sutton, Principal Network Architect - Chief Architect’s Office, TSO 25th January 2017. Standalone LTE, EPC connected 2: Standalone NR, NGCN connected eLTE EPC UE 5G NR NGC UE User plane S1-u Control plane S1-c User plane NG3 Control plane NG2 Release 15 UE. 03/10/35 · LTE Overall Architecture with EPC Network Elements and Functional split between E-UTRAN and EPC network elements e utran standardized interfaces network operators lte network access network eps network. LTE system for small and middle class communication operators. EPC supports standards features and interfaces comply with 3GPP LTE Release 9 in one box, and is installable on universal OS(operating system)and general hardware platform such as ATCA(Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture)server.

Figure 1 shows the LTE network reference model. The LTE network reference model is comprised of LTE entities and EPC entities. In Figure 1, UE and eNB belong to the LTE entities. S-GW, P-GW, MME, HSS, PCRF, SPR, OCS and OFCS belong to EPC entities LTE standard defines eNB the only entity of E-UTRAN in the specification. Long Term Evolution/Evolved Packet Core LTE/EPC is a system that will follow on from 3G mobile system, and mobile operators around the world are planning to use it. Indeed, some operators have already started services with this latest technology. Fujitsu has been developing ESPGW, which is a gateway for EPC, together with Nokia. is introducing EPC as a core network for accommodating LTE and other radio access systems. The EPC consists of MME, S-GW, P-GW and PCRF functions for performing authentication, mobility management, bearer control, charg-ing and QoS control. The EPC and SGSN support mobility management between the LTE and 3G access systems, and.

LTE EPC Architecture - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation.ppt /.pptx, PDF File.pdf, Text File.txt or view presentation slides online. Scribd es red.

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