Why Bruce Bruce Lund 90 Day Sales Training

For over a decade Dr. Bruce Lund has trained thousands of professionals as a business professor, career author/speaker, and sales trainer.  Bruce spent over five years in higher education including service in the prestigious Texas A&M system as a professor and program director. The corporate world began to take notice of his systems, and in 2015 Bruce transitioned back into corporate America as Vice President and Director of Sales where he helped increase sales over 50% for a top sales/entrepreneur training company in the Southeast. He also developed content and curriculum for a new hire training program which he directed.

Bruce has launched a much more extensive version of his own training program in Denver called the 90-Day Sales Manager™. He now gets to combine his experience as a professor and passion for teaching with the rigor of high impact training that’s been proven to increase production of sales reps. His training centers around five gaps most (newer) producers need help with: (1) Consistent lead gen & selling system; (2) Compelling explanation of services; (3) Disciplined follow-up-to-close process; (4) Faster product/service knowledge; (5) Thinking more like an entrepreneur. We coach the WHOLE salesperson to improve their Knowledge, Skill, Desire, and Confidence.

Bruce has coached top producers and new reps with State Farm, Churchill Mortgage, FirstBank Mortgage, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, Keller Williams Real Estate, First Community Mortgage, Accurate Mortgage, Elam Real Estate, Invest Financial, First Tennessee Bank, and others. This program consistently increases production over 40% for new hires in real estate, mortgage, financial services, and insurance. Let us be your 90-Day Sales Manager with over 80 hours of coaching in a 90-day bootcamp to get your new hires ready to produce FASTER. Coaching is offered both in-person (greater Denver area) and online.

Why Onboarding Training:
69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding. And up to 20% of employee turnover happens in the first 45-days. Employees want to work WITH companies they know care about them. Successful onboard training is an invaluable first step in gaining that trust, and improving production.

Why Sales Onboarding:

It typically takes eight months to a year for a new hires to reach their full productivity. Reasons range from lack of milestones to trainings that are too short in length without consistency. Sales new hires struggle most with lead generation, and lack of entrepreneurial thinking. Most companies simply do not have the resources (time, energy, or infrastructure) to provide the proper one-to-one training needed to get sales professionals ready to produce in the first 90-days. This program has proven methodologies for increased skill in sales, service, and mindset.

Why THIS 90-Day Program:

Behaviorists site 60-90 systematic days of practice for sustainable change. Our 90-day training is high in accountability with weekly benchmarks, testing, and live interaction. Once a week we train together for 60-minutes of coaching on content, 60-minutes of training for practice, and 60-minutes of live sales calls. Our online platform requires participants to login daily to access video/MP3 and complete exercises to accelerate their sales knowledge, skill, desire, and confidence. Daily, weekly, and monthly assessments include a sales planner for tracking activity; a weekly success tracker; and a monthly entrepreneur evaluation for progress.

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