Why Choose Us

Find out what we believe, why we believe it, what we do, how we do it differently, who’ve we’ve done it for, and how we can help.

What We Believe

We believe trained people consistently outperform untrained people. That daily accountability translates into increased productivity.

We also believe there’s never been a more important time to stand out, and build a personal brand. This is why we focus on both sales and entrepreneur coaching through 90-days of daily training.

"trained people consistently outperform untrained people."

Why We Believe It

Top producers all have someone in their lives, whether it be a coach, mentor, teacher, or parent, who have helped them get them to where they are — especially early in their careers.

Over the past ten years, we have trained people from all walks of life who would have otherwise plateaued, squandered, or stagnated on their own without someone pushing them to become something greater.

What We Do

Born out of a passion for teaching and coaching top producers in real estate, mortgage, and financial services, 90-Day Sales Manager is a program focused entirely on sales and entrepreneur training for new(er) hires.

Our program takes what we have learned from years of working with top producers and packages that experience into a true systematic training platform with accountability structures.

How We Do It Differently

We believe in an intense, but positive approach. The intensity comes from high accountability structures (daily, weekly, and monthly benchmarks, evaluations, and exercises), while the positive originates from staying focused on progress rather than perfection.

Additionally, participants get to partner with other producers outside of their industry to do business, attend events, and even host showcases together.

Who We've Done It For (Our Clientele)

This program has consistently doubled production for new hires with companies large and small, including some of the top real estate and mortgage companies in the world.

These companies include Keller Williams, CityWide Home Loans, Fairway Mortgage, Churchill Mortgage, CMG Financial, Invest, and many others.

We Can Help You

Our participants consistently double their sales activities, and it’s not uncommon for our graduates to grow their business over 40 percent. If we could help you increase your sales production just like we’ve helped others in real estate, mortgage, financial services, title, and insurance, and you believe trained people outperform untrained people then what would stop us from getting started?


What are the "New Hire" Requirements?

For the purposes of this program, we seek new hires who have a strong foundational knowledge in their industry and who have closed their own deals. We consider our training focused more on entrepreneur training by helping producers build a brand within a brand at their chosen company. Our process builds around the five missing gaps of most sales professionals with high accountability.

Why Do You Do On-boarding?

Statistics are staggering in favor of training in general, but those numbers increase exponentially when it comes to training and on-boarding of new hires. It typically takes a year for new hires to reach a level of accepted sales production. We seek to cut that time frame in half, and it’s not uncommon for those who graduate out and receive certification to double their production in the 3-6 months following our training.

Why 90 Days of Training?

We chose 90 days because behaviorists commonly site 66 days of daily activity to create significant behavior change. Our proven 90 day methodologies and systems drastically increase the probability of success. Daily accountability is tracked through our online platform with required daily videos, workbook, and sales planner activity submissions. Participants are required to complete 80 percent of activities in order to receive certification and to graduate out. This equates to over 120 hours of tracked coaching, training, and production time.