Daily Accountability.

Double Productivity.

90-Day Sales Manager™ accelerates production of professionals in real estate, mortgage, title, insurance, and financial services through entrepreneur training.

About the Program

90-Day Sales Manager™

The recruitment, training, and retaining of talent are the most important aspects for sustainable business success. Finding the right people to join your team is challenging. But training and retaining that talent is even more difficult.

Many coaching programs claim they have high accountability. Our 90-Day Sales Manager™ program backs it up with daily accountability, weekly benchmarks, and monthly evaluations. We understand the challenges of most small businesses which is lack of time and resources to properly onboard new hires, and helping top producers breakthrough new ceilings of production.

We believe trained people consistently outperform untrained people. It’s not uncommon to double production within six months of certification.


  • “As an individual who’s been working in the financial services field for over 10 years, I was excited to see what 90-Day Sales could do for my business. Bruce helped breakdown deeper obstacles that were holding me back, and obtain a fresh outlook and confidence. Wherever you are in your career, it’s never too late to make sure you’re operating with an entrepreneurial mindset in the following areas; crafting your why, perfecting your prospecting system, perfecting your follow-up system, and creating a world class customer experience for your clients. Bruce helped me organize and structure around these systems that often become stale and cluttered after years of lacking focus.”

    John Oliver Financial Services
    John Oliver
    Financial Advisor in Greater Detroit at Executive Wealth Managment
  • “The 90-day sales program has had a tremendously positive impact on my business.  Our coach Bruce Lund helped show us how to focus on high value activities that have helped me to grow my business, I have the confidence now to get out there and go for it! Bruce’s knowledge and expertise are hands down top notch.  He has a great understanding of the sales process and what it takes to get the job done.  I would recommend you taking 90 days to invest in yourself and your business.”

    Kelsi Fish Chicago TItle
    Kelsi Fish
    Sales Executive in Denver at Chicago Title
  • “Bruce and his 90 Day Sales program create a boost in production and a different way of thinking.  As a sales professional it’s easy to have the ideas but until you follow through with them you don’t see any improvement.  90 Day Sales Manager, forces you to be accountable on a daily basis which leads to an immediate increase of sales.  I have been through other coaching programs and this one is far more intense, it’s because of that intensity you see so much growth.  I will be recommending this training program to all of my new hires.  Thanks for all the help Bruce!”

    Ryan Liebelt Fairway Mortgage Denver
    Ryan Liebelt
    Sales Manager in Denver at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
  • “The 90 Day Sales Manager program gave me the confidence I was lacking when asking for business. In addition to the online platform, Bruce made himself available to me for one-to-one coaching throughout. The program helped me develop a great Explanation of Services, which pushed me to get in front of as many people as possible. As a result, I quickly gained new referral partners, and by month #3 had the highest production of my career. I cannot say enough great things about Bruce and the program he has created.”

    Bern Ramsey Fairway Mortgage Loan Officer
    Bern Ramsey
    Loan Originator in Atlanta at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
  • “Bruce’s sales philosophy, coaching methods and mentorship program has changed how we view building relationships and growing a business. His coaching approach and the perspective he applies is unique and is what sets him apart from other coaches throughout the country. If you’re someone that has the drive and commitment to grow your business, Bruce’s 90 Day Sales Manager will elevate your levels extremely quickly.”

    Mark Shay Fairway Mortgage Atlanta
    Mark Shay
    Area Manager in Atlanta at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
  • “I’ve worked with Bruce for nearly two years. I find his approach to be very detailed and professional. Bruce has the heart of a teacher, and brings his PhD background to the sales coaching world. He is precise and on point with his sales message. He provides company leaders with reporting tools to keep everyone on the same page along with assessment on our up and coming agents. If you are seeking a strong, detailed coaching program for your new sales talent then Bruce is the guy.”

    Dan Elam Real Estate
    Dan Elam
    Owner/Operator at Elam Real Estate in Nashville
  • “Bruce is extremely knowledgeable in the sales process. His education and professional experiences in addition to the daily, weekly, and monthly materials make this sales program top notch. Bruce was dedicated to my success; he set proper expectations; he was available when I had questions or needed help; held me accountable; and always had a great, upbeat attitude. I would recommend Bruce to anyone new to the sales world or looking to grow their entrepreneurial spirit.”

    James Plaskey Wealth Advisor Detroit
    James Plaskey
    CFP® Wealth Advisor in Detroit
  • “Bruce and his program more than doubled my production. By month three I had the highest producing month in my career as a loan officer. If you are looking for training that provides high accountability with practical how-to sales strategies, then this is it. I also enjoyed practicing and speaking with other professionals in the real estate and mortgage industries.This program is a game-changer for my career, and I now have more confidence in all areas of my life.”

    Dylan Marlin Accurate Mortgage
    Dylan Marlin
    Loan Officer in Cool Springs at Accurate Mortgage

Training Breakdown

13-weeks of live training (3-hours per week)

Minutes of Coaching

Content-driven in sales, service, and mindset

Minutes of Training

Role play and practice with trainer and agents

Minutes of Production

Live sales calls and follow-ups with real clients

total hours

Coaching, training, production, and platform

3-hours per week
90-days of videos
mandatory sales activities

Training Outcomes

Entrepreneur training focused in sales, services, and mindset by tackling five missing gaps of salespeople

  • Explanation of Services

    People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Better explain what you do to attract business.

  • Lead Gen & Selling System

    Lead generation tied to a proven selling system for improved accountability and consistency.

  • Follow-Up System

    Follow-up system & Trigger Methodology to increase lead to close percentage.

  • Customer Experience

    Qualified referrals based on a unique customer service experience and system.

  • Entrepreneur Toolkit

    Shift in mindset to treat every aspect of the sales process with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Training Benchmarks

First week is an accelerator week to onboard into the program systems, structures, and online platform.

Program then consists of 12-weeks of production tracked over 3-months (4-weeks per month).



  • Week 1: Explanation of Services
  • Week 2: Selling System & Lead Gen
  • Week 3: Follow-Up System
  • Week 4: Customer Experience



  • Week 5: Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Week 6: Personal Brand Presence
  • Week 7: Lead Generation Mastery
  • Week 8: Follow-Up Mastery



  • Week 9: Promoters & Multipliers
  • Week 10: Brand Leverage
  • Week 11: Course in Confidence
  • Week 12: Graduation (Test Out)


  • Real Estate

  • Mortgage Producers

  • Title Reps

  • Financial Services

  • Insurance Agents

Accountability Tools

80% submission rate required for graduation and certification

  • 90-Days of Training Videos

    5-15 minutes per day (mobile-optimized)

  • 90-Day Workbook

    Industry specific examples & exercises

  • 90-Day Sales Planner

    Day-by-day sales activities

  • 90-Day Sales App

    Lead generation & selling system in hand

  • Weekly Sales Vision Board

    Planning for success on Sunday

  • Weekly Sales Mental Mapping

    Major tasks and ideas for business growth

  • Monthly Evaluation

    Entrepreneur evaluation based on 10 categories

  • Monthly Success Tracker

    Measuring both qualitative & quantitative progress

Three Training Options

90-Day Sales Manager™

Online LIVE Training

Mic/Webcam Required
$499 per month for 3 months
  • 13-Weeks Live Training
  • 1 day/wk (3 hr.) Live Training
  • 90-Day Accountability Partner
  • 90-Day Accountability Coach
  • Monthly One-to-One Coaching
  • In-a-Box (Binded Workbook & Planner)
  • Online Platform (Unique Login)
  • Weekly Benchmarks
  • Monthly Evaluation
  • Weekly/Monthly Success Tracker
  • Real-Time Submission Tracking
  • 90-Day Accountability Structure
  • 90-Day Training Videos
  • 90-Day Workbook
  • 90-Day Industry Exercises
  • 90-Day Sales Planner
  • 90-Day MP3 Download

Materials Only

No Personal Coaching
$399 one-time payment
  • In-a-Box (Binded Workbook & Planner)
  • Online Platform (Unique Login)
  • Weekly Benchmarks
  • Monthly Evaluation
  • Weekly/Monthly Success Tracker
  • Real-Time Submission Tracking
  • 90-Day Accountability Structure
  • 90-Day Training Videos
  • 90-Day Workbook
  • 90-Day Industry Exercises
  • 90-Day Sales Planner
  • 90-Day MP3 Download
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*One Year Commitment to 90-Day Sales Manager™